A little more about the academy and its founder, Adam Oliver.

Adam’s Animation Academy (formerly Toon Boom Trainer) was created in 2016 by myself, Adam Oliver, after finding a lack of quality, industry-focused training in 2D animation.

Adam Oliver - Animator

Firstly though, a little about my career. I am a UK based animator who has worked in the industry for over 12 years. I’ve worked in everything from commercials to feature films, but my main area of expertise is character animation for TV. I trained as a traditional, pencil on paper animator and then progressed to what was then Flash (now Adobe Animate), eventually picking up Toon Boom Harmony.

When I decided to learn Toon Boom many years ago, I went about it the way most people do: online. Through web searches and many hours of video tutorials, I’d piece together the information, but often found it difficult to get specific answers for his questions. Years later, I was lucky enough to be working in an animation studio that hired the world’s best trainer in the software. I got to ask a lot of questions and found my learning was accelerated from this laser-focused study.

Traditional schools are great if you have the time and the money, but what do you do if you want to learn without leaving your current job, or just to improve your current skill set? This was the question I kept coming back to. For me, going to a building to take short courses seems a little out-dated in this modern day and age. I do highly value face to face tuition, but this has extra costs which make many courses inaccessible for many.

Here’s a selection of some of the places and people I’ve worked with as a character animator and rigger over the years

So in 2016 I decided to break from working in an animation studio and build a business around training people in the software I love. I teach people online but also in person, and have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful artists both via webcam and face to face. Toon Boom Trainer became well known in the U.K and Ireland as a good source of training for Toon Boom, and as such I visited many studios, festivals and educational institutes, teaching and talking about the wonderful ways of Harmony!

In 2020 Toon Boom Trainer changed its name to Adam’s Animation Academy. This better reflects the personalised training aspect (as Adam runs all courses and gives personal feedback to each and every one of the participants) and allows for a broader scope in the training that can be provided.

Giving a talk at Manchester Animation Festival, 2019
Giving a talk at Manchester Animation Festival, 2019

The aim of Adam’s Animation Academy is to continue to provide the world’s best, most affordable training in 2D animation. I love what I do and am continually improving the course content and experience, adjusting to new software developments and industry animation techniques, as they become common practice. With our past success of placing many former students in animation studios around the world, I’ll build on this and continue to create courses that help bridge the gap between traditional education and employment.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to see you on a course soon.