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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend any classes at a specific time during the course?

No. All my courses are completely flexible and adapt to your schedule. You watch the videos when you like, complete the tasks and book a video feedback session at a time that suits you.

Wait, you said tasks. That sounds a lot like homework…

Yes indeed! You’ll get some tasks to complete after watching the videos. These range from simple to more complex, but they are nothing to be intimidated by. They just allow me to assess where you’re at in your understanding and help you where needed.

Can I fail the course? What about my certificate?

In order to gain a certificate, you need to complete the core modules of the course. This means you’ll have a grounding in the topics covered. Art is subjective though, so it is down to you what you choose to make with your new skills! I won’t be judging your creative choices. I am just here to help you learn the set tasks.

What happens if I have a busy week when the course is running? Or I’m on holiday?

All courses are designed to be as flexible as possible. Therefore if you get a little behind with the tasks, there is room to catch up. You should always contact me so I can best help you though, as I might be able to give you some assistance on what is best to study next.

Always here to answer your questions!

All courses are fully supported during the learning process.

You’ll be able to get email, video and live chat responses throughout the week. That means visual, screen sharing demonstrations to help you quickly solve problems.

It’s the fastest and most efficient way to learn new skills!