Black Lives Matter Animation Scholarship

The scholarship

This scholarship aims to actively increase the amount of black artists working within the animation industry. I personally feel their voice is under represented and would like to see a ‘levelled playing field’ of opportunities. To do this the animation industry at large needs to make a concerted effort to proactively play catch up and recognise its years of failure, just like it is trying to do with women in animation.

The scholarship will be available to black artists worldwide who have none or minimal experience with Toon Boom Harmony professionally. So maybe you’re a traditional animator looking to retrain, or you’re fresh out of college and need that added boost getting your first industry position.

There are two places available each round of the scholarship (twice a year). This round has a closing date of 19th June 2020 with the successful applicants being notified by 21st June 2020.

Please note, this course is taught in English and you’ll need your own computer, graphics tablet and broadband internet connection to take part. The style of animation taught is cut-out 2D (due to it’s popularity in animation studios around the world and likelihood of job offers within that skill set).

The scholarship will include the following:

Floyd Norman at Disney 1956

Applications now closed

More information

If you want to read the accompanying blog post that goes along with this scholarship, you can do so here. Thank you for your support and I hope we can instigate permanent and lasting change.