Welcome to the Academy

Hi everyone! First blog post on the brand new website. Exciting stuff! As you may know, Adam’s Animation Academy isn’t completely new. The name is of course, to reflect that Adam Oliver does the teaching and courses, but the website used to be called Toon Boom Trainer. The re-brand is down to many things, not least that the world of animation has moved on significantly since our first course in 2017! There’s an opportunity to broaden the offering with this change, too and try to make high quality animation training available to as many as possible.

AAA logo animated
The new logo…animated of course!

We’ll be offering the courses we’re now known for (our one-to-one online courses focused on industry skills in the areas of character animation and rigging, all in Toon Boom Harmony) and adding a few extras, as announced last year. We’d also like to hear from you if there’s anything you’d like to study! So drop an email over if you have ideas for skills that you’d really like a helping hand learning. These can be Toon Boom or otherwise. Think around the realm of animation and I’m sure we can give it some solid thought! If we pick your idea, you’ll get 50% off the course price 🙂

What course would you LOVE to do? Tell us below!

So, what’s the plan with Adam’s Animation Academy?

We will continue to provide focused, online training for the 2D animation industry
We also offer customised on-location training for studios and educational institutes
There’s private tuition which can be used for animation feedback, technical notes or a showreel review
We’ll strive to offer advice and information on jobs in animation
There are plans for a regular email with useful tips, news and links
Our blog will host our free content, along with a free to watch video channel

That sounds like a lot!

Yes, it’s ambitious, and the plan will of course change and adapt as this new idea takes shape, but personally I’m excited about it! There are loads of great ideas in the pipeline to help YOU improve your storytelling skills whilst avoiding technical software headaches.

When are the first courses going to run?

The first batch of courses will run in June 2020, with enrolment opening soon now open!